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I like food, sleep, wrestling, BMX, and just having fun.

Eagle Projects are hard

Today I am working on my eagle project by doing part of my write up.

My project was to fill backpacks with supplies for asylum seekers coming into the United States.


I was an exceeding student in Rover Elementary School and was priveleged enough to skip the 5th grade.

After 4th grade I went to all three years of middle school at Fees College Prepatory Middle School.

Currently I am a homeschooled student in my freshman year doing many sports at Marcos De Niza High School.


I was first introduced into the amazing world of Innovation and Engineering when my Algebra teacher Mr. Krieg felt inclined to show us a few engineering videos.

The YouTube videos he showed me fascinated my mind of how many seemingly impossible machines work every day.

The first video was an amazing device Mark Rober (had no idea who that was at the time) had made consisting of a dart board that would move to get a bulls eye every time he threw the dart.

Next he showed us the video of the Falcon Heavy rocket landing.

To me this seemed like mech magic putting a flying rocket from space bringing it back down and landing it on a boat all while having the goal to launch a car into space towards Mars.

Since this I have watched Mark Rober's videos and hit an engineering peak in 2018 when I was twelve, I made many devices (none with electrical work) like a catapult that ran off of a small spring that could throw rocks 25 feet and stands only 4 inches tall.

This and a gravity cart were both things that have helped my engineering sensation over these two years I even knew there was such a world of ideas that change our future rapidly.


I have many extra curicular activities including Cross Country, Wrestling, and Scouting.

I love to ride bikes whether it is BMX riding just around the street, mountain biking, or just simply road biking.

As I may have explained earlier I am fond of the engineering world and am always open to ways to learn about engineering.